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    Our Open House events have concluded for the current school year.  If you would like to visit the school, please schedule a Talk & Tour.

    For more information, please fill out the Inquiry Form below or contact the Admissions office.

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    Thank you for your interest in Our Lady of Perpetual Help School.  Please take a moment to fill out and submit this Inquiry form.  Our Admissions Coordinator will contact you to answer any questions or to schedule a tour.
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    Admissions Policy

    In an effort to maintain acceptable class size in each grade, it is sometimes necessary to limit enrollment. When this is the case, the following priority scale is followed in accepting registrations:
    • Students currently enrolled in grades K-8
    • Siblings of students currently enrolled in grades K-8
    • Children of registered parishioners of OLPH 
    • Children of Catholic non-parishioners
    • Children of non-Catholics
    In the event it is necessary to further limit enrollment, preference is determined within each category based on the following criteria in the order listed:
    • Length of student time registered in OLPH Parish
    • Students with siblings who are OLPH graduates
    • Students with a parent who is an OLPH graduate
    • Date of receipt of application to OLPH School, beginning with the first date of registration of the year prior to enrollment.
    If applications still exceed enrollment capacity after following the established criteria for admission, the principal conducts a lottery to decide which applicants are accepted.

    OLPH endeavors to educate all students within the spectrum of its educational program. Admission for individuals with special needs, as determined by the school’s administration, is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The principal makes the final decision regarding admission of special needs students.

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    “I feel my children are loved and have always felt special and proud to be part of OLPH.  We have weathered many things in these past several years and much of my strength comes from the peace of mind knowing my children are in a very special place at OL.”