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OLPH Pizza Soccer Takes Off

OLPH soccer coaches, Phil Carragher and Jon Novotny, introduce Pizza Soccer Fridays and the response and participation has been overwhelmingly positive.

In what has become a uniquely popular event, OLPH School’s soccer program has continued to host Pizza Soccer Fridays this fall. With a strange name, the events are exactly what they sound like – an opportunity for members of the school community to come out and play soccer and enjoy some pizza afterwards. Head soccer coach, Phil Carragher, introduced these fun Fridays as a way to bring members of the school and soccer community together. With help from assistant coach, Jon Novotny, each successive gathering brings more enthusiastic players and interested soccer fans.
One aim of Pizza Soccer is to bring those athletes that may play other sports during the season, or may be too young to participate in the program, to come out and see what OLPH soccer is about. The other goal is something that Coach Carragher sees as a weakness in US soccer, and that is a lack of pick-up soccer or street soccer. “It defies the overly-organized style of today’s sports activities and takes us back to the days of putting your baseball glove on your handlebars and riding to the schoolyard to find a game,” adds Carragher. At a time when sports specialization is beginning younger and younger, Pizza Soccer hopes to encourage individuality and creativity among its athletes in a less structured, and fun, environment. So far, it seems to be working.
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