Junior High | Gr. 6-8


The school curriculum is designed to foster the growth and development of the whole person. OLPH uses a traditional letter grade system to evaluate academic progress within each subject. Parents are notified of their children’s academic, behavior, and effort through quarterly reports.

Grades sixth through eight utilize a departmental system where children explore, challenge and enrich talents, develop strategies to compensate for weaknesses, and experience programs that develop the necessary skills for the 21st century.

Ability grouping is an educational strategy used to address the individual needs of each child. It is introduced in the third grade for skilled subjects like math, reading, and language arts and then expands in fourth through eighth grades to include science, social studies, and vocabulary subjects. Flexible grouping allows teachers to explore the curriculum in response to the academic and developmental diversity within each grade. We believe students benefit when subjects are taught in a manner reflective of their specific needs.
Homework is assigned regularly in grades six through eight to augment the school curriculum and allow students to review and more fully comprehend material taught in class. Assignments include written work as well as study.

Honor RollStudents in sixth grade through eighth grade who maintain an overall A- average in academics, behavior, and effort are recognized on the quarterly Honor Roll. Additionally, eighth graders who sustain Honor Roll status for at least three quarters, including the fourth quarter, graduate “with honors”.

Standardized Testing takes place in early spring. Currently the ACT Aspire Test is administered to students in third through eighth grade. Aggregate results are used to examine the efficacy of the school’s overall academic program. Individual results are mailed to the parents along with an interpretation of those results. Parents can asses their child’s performance relative to the total school results as well.
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