Play Like A Champion Today

OLPH school has partnered with Play Like A Champion Today, developed by the Alliance for Catholic Education at the University of Notre Dame.  The Play Like A Champion Today Character Education Through Sports Initiative is a national coach and parent educational series designed specifically to elevate Catholic sports programs.

Play Like A Champion Today incorporates all the stakeholders in the Catholic education – athletic administrators, coaches, parents, and athletes.  The goal is for all members of an school/diocesan community to work together to make sports at OLPH School the spiritual, character-building experience that it is meant to be.

Connecting With PLACT

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  • Photo of Kyle Aksamitowski

    Mr. Kyle Aksamitowski 

    Athletic Director
Throughout the year, OLPH School will be working with other Chicago area schools involved in Play Like A Champion Today to host workshops and seminars for parents, players, and coaches.

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