Parent Toolbox

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  • Absences & School Closures

    Parents are responsible for calling the school office to report an absence between 7:30-8:05 am each and every day a child does not attend school. A voicemail left prior to 7:30 am will also suffice. The phone number is 847-724-6990 ext. 6.
    See the Family Handbook for additional information about attendance.

    School Closures
    If conditions warrant a decision to close the school on a regularly scheduled school day, parents are notified through two systems of communication:
    • OLPH School website
    • An emergency announcement will appear on the home page of the website and an alert will be sent to all those who have signed up to receive Emergency Notifications on the website
    • Bright Arrow OLPH School uses an automated phone messaging system to notify each family of any school closing
  • Billing

    SmartTuition is the online tuition management system that handles all tuition and fees. For questions about billing, please contact our Business Manager, Barb O’Hara-Matzkin
  • Bookstore

    Located in the Lexington Building across the hall from the school office, the OLPH Bookstore is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:05 a.m. during the school year. During the first week of school, bookstore hours are extended and students are called from their homerooms to purchase necessary items. Inventory includes OLPH School uniform sweatshirts, gym uniforms, Bibles, and assignment notebooks. Checks are accepted and payable to OLPH.
  • Contacting and Excusing Students

    Deliveries/Messages to Students at School
    To avoid classroom disruptions, parents are asked not to deliver forgotten items, such as lunch, gym shoes, and homework, directly to the student. Parents encourage individual responsibility by allowing their children to experience the occasional consequence of coming to school unprepared. If a delivery is imperative, it must be taken to the school office.

    To prevent constant classroom interruptions, parents are asked to contact the office directly when they need to communicate critical and unexpected information to a student during the school day.

    Excusing Students
    Unavoidable doctor or dentist appointments, family emergencies, or special circumstances may occasionally require a student to arrive at school after 8:05 am, leave school before 2:20 pm, or miss part of the school day. When this is the case, parents must send a written note to school explaining the reason for late arrival, early dismissal, or partial absence.
  • Hot Lunch

    Hot Lunch is offered to students in grades K-8 . OLPH School contracts with outside food service, Quest Food Management Services, Inc. Quest focuses on serving students and staff nutritional lunches that are made fresh daily. Their pre-ordering software allows you to select from numerous options. Access the link to Quest on the Resource Board when you log in to MyOLPH.

    OLPH School participates in the federally subsidized milk program, which provides daily milk delivery. Students must choose between chocolate and white milk; alternating delivery is not possible. At the beginning of the school year, parents sign up and pay a minimal fee for milk service.
  • Learning Support Services

    When a child is struggling to learn and/or consistently unsuccessful at school, parents or teachers may suspect a problem exists. If hearing, speech, or vision screening does not reveal a problem, it may be advisable to professionally assess a child’s learning development. Teacher observations combined with a series of diagnostic testing are valuable in evaluating learning development. Once a learning development issue is identified, OLPH provides onsite educational support in reading and math.
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