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Top 10 Ways The Arts Help Children Learn And Grow...

Visual Arts

With the study of basic Principles and Elements of Art, children increase their sensitivity to the beauty of the world. Our goal is to offer experiences that allow our students to be fully involved in the process of art making through the exploration of a large variety of media and methods. The students develop visual literacy as they learn about art elements and principles, cultural heritage, art history, and aesthetic valuing. Key components in our curriculum are developing creative thinking and technical skills.


Our Lady of Perpetual Help School’s music department gives students the opportunity to participate, experience, and celebrate music as a part of a growing Christian faith while acquiring a foundation of music knowledge. General and Liturgical Music classes are incorporated into the curriculum.

3 choirs for students who want to expand their vocal skills

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  • Elementary Chorus

    Elementary Chorus is open to all fourth and fifth grade students and meets after school twice a week. They perform at the Christmas and Spring concerts.

    Susan Hager – Choir Director
  • Junior High Chorus

    Junior High Chorus is open to all sixth through eighth graders and meets twice a week before school. They perform at the Christmas and Spring Concerts and occasional offsite performances.

    Anna Sible – Choir Director
  • OL Singers

    OL Singers is an advanced choir for seventh and eighth graders that meets during the school day in addition to being in the Junior High Chorus. Auditions are held in the fall for this select group. Students are chosen for this group based on ability, attitude, and the approval of academic teachers. They perform at the Christmas and Spring Concerts as well as offsite performances.

    Anna Sible – Choir Director


3 bands for fourth through eighth-grade students who want to develop a personal relationship with music through instrumental performance.

Beginning Band is for students new to playing an instrument
Cadet Band is for students who have experience playing an instrument
Advanced Band is for students who have mastered specific levels in band.

All bands perform at the Christmas and Spring Band Concerts. The Advanced Band performs in a variety of settings on and off campus.

Kimberly Rocks – Band Director
“It is remarkable how you singlehandedly take the kids from zero to 60 in less than a year! Under your nurturing command we have seen our kids blossom into fine young musicians."
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