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Traditions & Celebrations

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School has many traditions and celebrations throughout the school year. Some events are specific to grade levels, while others encompass the entire school. The commitment to carrying out these traditions brings our community together in celebration.
School Colors: Navy & White
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“Thank you for all that you do to make these traditions so special for the children and families at OLPH.”

Our Traditions

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  • Advent Season

    First through Eighth Grades. The school Advent wreath is prominently displayed in anticipation of Christmas. Each week individual classes gather around the school Advent wreath to pray. As part of the Advent season, a student is asked to read his/her original prayer over the school’s public address system each day during announcements.
  • All-School Picnic

    First through Eighth Grades. Annually held at the end of May, the all-school picnic is a favorite non-uniform event. After reporting to school, students and teachers board buses and head to Glenview’s Flick Park. While each student must bring his/her own picnic lunch, additional treats and beverages are sold at the park. Buses bring all students back to school for early dismissal at 1:30 p.m.
  • Basketball Classic

    First through Eighth Grades. This all-inclusive tournament draws families and alumni fans to the Playdium around February and March each year. First through Third graders participate in a Free Throw Contest. The Classic is designed to promote school spirit and give all students a chance to participate in competitive sports. Students receive free T-shirts sporting their Catholic college team name to wear during competitions and school rallies. Parents are informed of the Basketball Classic schedule so they can attend the various events.
  • Battle of the Books

    In fourth and fifth grades, interested students tackle a reading list and form teams to compete in the Battle of the Books competition sponsored by the Glenview Public Library. At a library “meet,” teams test their knowledge of literary works against other well-read school teams. The library recognizes the five top teams in a winner’s circle and invites all participants to a party following the final round of competition.
  • Bible Hall of Fame

    Third Grade. Early in the school year, each student receives a children’s Bible at the third grade Bible Ceremony and is challenged to read the entire book on his/her own. To qualify for the Bible Hall of Fame each student must meet with the principal to present a project depicting his/her favorite Biblical story and answer a few questions about the Bible. Third grade teachers hold competitive rounds of “Bible trivia” until the top students in the grade emerge for a final competitive round. The student who correctly answers the most Bible questions wins top honors in The Bible Hall of Fame.
  • Blessing of Our Pets Ceremony

    First through Third Grades. Popular among young animal lovers, the after-school ceremony to bless the family parakeet or pooch is held in honor of the feast of St. Francis. Founder of the Franciscan Order, St. Francis was renown for his love of all creation, especially animals. Parents and children bring the family pet to the Rectory lawn for individual blessings and brief prayer. It’s advised that animals are leashed, crated, or held.
  • Book Fair

    Preschool through Eighth Grade. Each year, a weeklong Book Fair is staged on campus. Students tour the Book Fair with teachers and compose individual “wish lists” for parents to review. The Book Fair features award-winning titles and selections from top children’s authors.
  • Camp MacLean

    Sixth Grade. This outdoor education program runs three days and two nights in Burlington, Wisconsin. Designed to promote problem solving, self-reliance, teamwork, and class spirit, the rustic surroundings of Camp MacLean provide plenty of outdoor opportunities. From tie-dying t-shirts to hiking in the night, students learn to appreciate their own capabilities and the resourcefulness of others. Teachers chaperone.
  • Career Day Workshop

    Eighth Grade. As students begin to look at high school and beyond, OLPH provides a window to the world through the lives of its interesting and successful alumni. The Career Day Workshop features distinguished alumni who share their collective insights and advice regarding school and career choices. From a chief of police to a motion picture camera man, each alum guest is introduced and answers student’s questions in small group discussions.
  • Class Excursions

    Seventh and Eighth Grades. Junior high students who exhibit hard work, exemplary behavior, and a cooperative spirit are given the opportunity to participate in annual class excursions. Weather permitting, seventh and eighth graders head to the ski slopes at Wisconsin’s Alpine Valley. Teachers chaperone the daylong ski outing. In the spring of seventh grade, the class travels to the state’s capital, Springfield. Teachers chaperone this excursion. In the spring of eighth grade, the class participates in a weekend of excellent adventures. Adventures may include a minor/major league baseball game, and a dinner-dance cruise on Lake Michigan. Teachers chaperone this fun filled weekend. A parent’s written consent and a specified fee are required to participate in a class excursion.
  • Class Quilt

    Eighth Grade. As a legacy to the school, every graduating class composes its own extraordinary quilt. Each student paints, stitches, or stencils an individual square of his/her own design. Reflecting the unique spirit of each graduating class, the students’ collective handiwork is displayed at the Graduation Mass and hangs at the school entrance the following year.
  • Commitment Ceremonies

    Eighth Grade. Eighth grade marks an important rite of passage in the Catholic Church. Parents accompany their children to a solemn evening Commitment Ceremony in Church where the students commit themselves to faith and service, and promise to earnestly prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The students receive a spirit pin and candle symbolizing their commitment.

    Second grade. Second grade marks important rites of passage in the Catholic Church. In second grade, parents accompany their children to an evening Commitment Ceremony in Church where the students promise to be ready for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. They present signed contracts of intent and receive a pin symbolizing their commitment.
  • Field Trips

    Preschool through Eighth Grades. As part of their overall educational program, children participate in a variety of field trips during the school year. Taking advantage of the resources in and around the Chicago area, school children visit special museum exhibits, theatrical performances, and many other programs and events. Teachers usually ask a few parents to help chaperone and all parents must sign and return a permission slip allowing their child to participate in a field trip.
  • Fun Fair

    Kindergarten through Sixth Grades. Early spring, the Playdium becomes the scene of a carnival complete with “moon walk,” face painting, and chances to win carnival prizes. Fun Fair tickets are sold in advance or at the carnival. Tickets are used to purchase chances at carnival games, raffles, and activities. Candy and pop are also available. A few kindergarten parents are asked to chaperone small groups of youngsters at the Fun Fair. Students wear casual non-uniform attire and bring a small bag to hold their carnival prizes. Early dismissal tops off the fun-filled morning.
  • Graduation Ceremony and Reception

    Eighth Grade. At the conclusion of the school year, eighth grade students and their families attend a graduation Mass and traditional ceremony in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church. In a reflective prelude, several eighth graders share their musical talents or original compositions. Students plan and directly participate in the liturgy through readings, song, a special Presentation of Gifts and a valedictory address. With OLPH teachers present, the pastor and principal distribute diplomas to students in a solemn ceremony. Following the ceremony, the school hosts a reception for graduates and families in McDonnell Hall. Caps and gowns are worn for graduation. An all-inclusive graduation fee covers ceremony and reception expenses. Students dress up for this important occasion.
  • Graduation Picture Day

    Eighth Grade. Midyear, eighth graders pose for graduation pictures. The school hires a professional photographer who sets up a “portrait studio” at school and provides each student with a suitable cap and gown for the photo shoot. A variety of picture packages are offered as well as a composite picture of the graduating class.
  • Grandparents Day

    First Grade. A perennial school favorite, Grandparents Day allows children to express their affection for grandparents through prayer, hospitality, and entertainment. When grandparents are unavailable, children typically invite an adult friend or relative who is simply grand! The event begins with a special Prayer Service and is followed by a luncheon and first grade performance. Parents prepare and deliver decorated picnic or box lunches to the Playdium for their own child and guests. While parents do not attend the luncheon, they often fill the bleachers to watch the first graders’ post-lunch performance. It’s a dress up non-uniform day for first graders and late arrival.
  • Halloween Hey Day

    First Grade. In anticipation of Halloween trick or treating, first grade teachers and parent volunteers stage a morning of classroom games and activities for children. While no costumes are involved, children enjoy a casual non-uniform day as they tour first grade classrooms to play games and win little prizes and treats.
  • High School Recruitment Fair

    Seventh and Eighth Grades. Fast approaching high school, seventh and eighth graders attend a presentation in which area high school students promote their schools, distribute literature, and field questions from junior high students. Often, OLPH alumni come back as high school representatives and provide younger students with valuable insights about what lies ahead. Additionally, each eighth grader is invited to sign up for a high school Shadow Day during which he/she accompanies a high school student to school for a full day of classes.
  • Homework Club

    This After-School program is designed to meet the needs of students who want to reserve a quiet time to complete homework assignments without the distractions of home. Students find that Homework Club helps them organize and finish their work with greater efficiency. Monitored by a helpful teacher, Homework Club is offered Monday through Thursday for students in fourth through eighth grades.
  • Hot Lunch Program

    First through Eighth Grades. Parents may sign up students for Hot Lunch through Quest Food Sevices. The menu changes monthly and sign up is online through Quest. You can choose your day or days of the week for the month when you sign up.
  • Leadership Day

    Eighth Grade. OLPH eighth graders are challenged to serve as positive role models for younger students throughout the school year. Joining other eighth graders from local parochial schools, they attend a Leadership Day program in the fall. The agenda includes a special liturgy, an address from a motivational speaker, and a luncheon.
  • Lenten Season

    Fourth through Eighth Grades. Every Friday afternoon during Lent, students participate in praying the Stations of the Cross. Led by a parish priest, Christ’s burdens are related to the struggles students feel in their daily lives. As part of the Lenten season, a student is asked to read his/her original prayer over the school’s public address system during daily announcements.
  • Liturgies & Prayer Services

    First through Eighth Grades. Students attend liturgies in observance of Holy Days of Obligation such as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Other prayer services celebrate Catholic traditions like the Blessing of Throats, Ash Wednesday, or the Stations of the Cross. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Veteran’s Day, acquire a deeper meaning when observed in Church. Students also unite in prayer as they begin a new school year or say goodbye on the last day.

    By Individual Grades. Throughout the year, individual grades participate in special liturgies, parish morning mass, and prayer services. As students grow, so too does their expression of faith. Kindergarten through third grade children acknowledge Jesus’ birthday in a joyful prayer service while fourth through eighth grade students appreciate the solemn Advent Prayer Service in anticipation of Christmas. Integral to the religion curriculum, prayer services often carry a theme relevant to classroom study. Fourth graders celebrate a “We Believe” Prayer Service, fifth graders participate in a “Signs and Symbols” Prayer Service and sixth graders gather for an Old Testament Prayer Service. In every grade, OLPH provides children with opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate God’s presence in their daily lives.
  • May Crowning

    First through Eighth Grades. Of all the prayer services, the OLPH May Crowning is a traditional favorite. The afternoon ceremony to honor the Blessed Virgin during her special month features a May Crowning court of selected eighth grade boys and girls. One eighth grade girl is chosen to crown the statue of Mary while another eighth grade girl is chosen to carry the small crown of flowers. Second graders lead the procession wearing their First Communion attire and eighth graders follow wearing their blue and white graduation robes. A boy and a girl representative from each grade participate in the procession as well. As with all prayer services, parents are welcome to attend.
  • Medal Ceremony

    First Grade. First Graders are welcomed to the primary grade in a special prayer service at the beginning of the school year. Introduced to the school’s namesake, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, each child receives a medal depicting Our Lady and a blessing in her honor. As with all prayer services, parents are welcome to attend.
  • Mother's Day Presentation

    Third Grade. More endearing than a Hallmark card commercial, third graders know how to touch a mom’s heart. Cancel the tennis game or get out of work, but don’t miss this special presentation for moms! Children sing, dance, perform touching and/or funny skits, and read original compositions about their mothers. Each mother receives a special packet from her child. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll take many photos and videos. By the way, dads are welcome, too.
  • Musicale

    Kindergarten through Eighth Grades. Every other year, the school produces a musicale extravaganza in the Playdium featuring all students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Under the direction of school staff, the musicale is an enormous undertaking that provides children with an opportunity to entertain their families through singing, dancing, or acting on stage. Some seventh and eighth graders gain backstage experience as stagehands or on the lighting/sound crews as well. It’s “must see” entertainment!
  • Retreat Day

    Eighth Grade. Eighth graders participate in a day of retreat and renewal. A presentation is made by a guest speaker. Small group discussions and a special liturgy contribute to this valuable experience.
  • Seder Meal

    Sixth Grade. As part of their religious studies about the Old Testament, sixth graders partake in a traditional Jewish Seder meal as they explore the Jewish faith and how it relates to Christianity. A visiting rabbi joins students in McDonnell Hall to share the meal and explain its significance. This is a dress up non-uniform day for sixth graders.
  • Variety Show

    Seventh and Eighth Grades. In lieu of an all-school Musicale, 7th & 8th grade students create and execute a Variety Show every other year. Under the direction of Miss Musker, the students compose original music, skits, and “commercials.” Dance, instrumental, and voice performances are also featured. Some students volunteer to join stage or lighting crews. Performers must audition and be available to rehearse for this theatrical highlight.
  • Warrior Day

    First through Eighth Grades. Warrior Day is a fun-filled field day for all OLPH Warrior students in grades 1-8. Assigned to one of 26 intramural “tribes,” students compete in a variety of team-oriented, physically active and spirited competitions, including tug-of-war, spear fishing, wagon wheel, and bridge over troubled waters. Supervised field events take place on the campus grounds throughout the day and conclude with an afternoon assembly in the Playdium.
  • Yearbook

    Open to interested eighth graders, the yearbook experience is rewarding and fun. Students work with a teacher-moderator to create a nostalgic publication for their graduating class. Collecting pictures, working against deadlines, coming up with quotes and stories are all part of the job. Eighth graders are invited to sign up for this activity as an After School Club.
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