School FAQs

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • What are the school hours? What grades do you offer?

    • We offer Preschool through 8th grade
    • Grades K-8-Arrival time is 7:50-8:05am.  The bell rings at 8:05am. Homeroom is 8:05-8:15am, where attendance is taken.  First period begins at 8:15am.  School is dismissed at 2:20pm
    • There are options to extend your child’s day before and after school hours.
    Preschool & Kindergarten
    • Preschool begins at 8:05am, but you may drop off at 7:50am. Dismissal is at 10:45am. All our programs are in the morning.
    • Preschool has two options to extend their half days, Lunch Box Club(10:45am-12:15pm) & School Time Adventures(12:15pm-2:20pm, you must sign up for Lunch Box Club in order to do STA)
  • What are the class sizes?

    Average class size is as follows: Preschool-21, Primary-20, Intermediate-22, Jr. High-22
  • What is the school's curriculum?

    We have the luxury as a private school to create our own curriculum. The Archdiocese has a curriculum whose objectives we need to meet in our teaching. Currently in education they are moving away from standards and moving to common core. We follow a traditional approach
  • How is religion incorporated?

    • Religion class meets 5 days a week with the 5th day being Liturgical Music.
    • Every grade level has a curriculum but our faith is more than the formal instruction. It permeates in everything we do, on the playground, cheating on a test, making a bad choice, praying for family members, etc.
    • Every grade level gathers for parish morning Mass on Tues. & Thurs. One grade level attends each Mass per week (gr. 2-8).
    • Once - twice a month we have an all school Mass (grades K-8).
    • Grades 2nd & 8th are sacramental preparation years.
    • We are very much a model of service to others in the spirit of Christ.
    • We have a program called Students of Service that expands our service program outside of the school day. Each grade level follows one of the Corporal Works of Mercy.
    • We do accept Non-Catholics and expect them to fully participate in religion classes, Masses & Prayer Services. You do not have to participate in Communion.
    • We follow all the practices, beliefs and traditions of Catholics.
  • How much homework will my child receive?

    • Grades 1 and 2 students are encouraged to read, prepare for spelling tests, math practice sheets.
    • Grade 3 students begin using an assignment notebook and are held accountable for homework.
    • Grades 4-8 students are all held accountable for homework. Homework Detentions are incurred as a consequence for missing homework. Approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours of homework nightly.
  • What is the student teacher ratio?

    • Preschool is 10:1. There is a teacher and a teacher assistant in each classroom.
    • Target class size is 22.
    • Kindergarten is 18-21 students per class with a teacher and a teacher assistant for the grade level
    • Grades 1 & 2 are 18-22 students per room. With a teacher and a teacher assistant for the grade level
    • Grade 3 begins to employ educational strategy of academically clustering the students for reading, math & language arts. Typically we have 3 groups, approaching grade level, on grade level and beyond grade level.
  • Do your students wear uniforms? Wear can they buy them?

    • Students in Grade K-8 wear a uniform.
    • There is a summer uniform (Aug- Oct; April -June) and winter uniform (Oct-April)
    • Uniforms can be purchased at Dennis Uniform located on the Northwest side of  Chicago or online at their website. The Parent Club hosts a uniform exchange program to purchase gently used uniforms.
  • How does the school handle allergies?

    • All Preschool and Kindergarten teachers have attended an Allergy Awareness Workshop.
    • Each student with an allergy is handled individually with teacher and parents forming a plan. The nurse and teacher have an epi pen and action plan. Epi pen travels with child to out subjects and field trips.
    • Classroom parents are informed of types of allergies in the room and to be cognitive when purchasing treats. Severe allergies bring their own snack and always sit in same spot for snack.
    • Tables are cleaned with disinfecting wipes (allergist recommended).

Tuition & Fees FAQs

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  • What is the Application Fee?

    The Application Fee is $150 per student and is non-refundable. 
  • What is the cost of Tuition?

    Our tuition varies depending on grade levels and number of children
    • 2023-2024 Tuition Rates: Grades K-8 are $7,410 for parishioner and $9,885 for a non-parishioner (to be a parishioner, you must be Catholic and register with the parish and have a minimum contribution to the parish of $480/yr)
    • Historically tuition increases have been 2.5-3%
  • What are the hours of Extended Day Programs? What is the cost?

    • Before School Care begins at 7:00 am and runs until 7:50 am. The children are grouped by age level.
    • After School Care begins at 2:20 pm and runs until 6:00 pm. The rooms are again divided among age groups. There is a homework room for the older students.
    • If you are attending morning daycare every day it is $50 a month ($500/school yr-10 monthly payments).
    • After care every day is $250 a month ($2,500/school year-10 monthly payments).
    • If you are putting a budget together, you can plan on $300 for the month ($3,000 for school year).
    • We offer Traditional (select same days) plans and Flex (choose 1-4 days, but not specific days) plans.
  • What other types of fees or fundraisers are required of parents?

    • We do not have book or language fees. You do need to purchase a school uniform and school supplies. We offer an opportunity to order a school supply kit during the summer.
    • A P.E. uniform is required for Grades 4-8 only.
    • There are participation fees for sports, band, choir, and after school clubs.
    • We have one fundraiser per year, the Annual Fund. Every family is expected to participate at the giving level they are comfortable with. This comprises approximately 8% of our operating budget each year.
  • Do you offer a Hot Lunch program? What is the cost?

    While we do not have a cafeteria, we do offer hot lunch! The company we partner with is Quest Food Service. Ordering takes place online on a monthly basis. The cost averages $5 per meal.
  • How do families apply for Financial Aid?

    Financial assistance is available for K-8.  A link to BlackBaud Smart Tuition is provided for families to apply for Financial Aid.

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