Catholic Identity

Liturgies & Prayer Services

School Liturgies and Prayer Services not only allow students to express and celebrate a shared faith, but also provide opportunities to learn and practice appropriate Church etiquette. Respect for God, self, and others is exhibited by reverent and reflective behavior in Church at all times. Parents are always welcome at school liturgies and prayer services. They join teachers in modeling Church decorum for children.
First through eighth grades: Students attend liturgies in observance of Holy Days of Obligation such as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Other prayer services celebrate Catholic traditions like the Blessing of Throats, Ash Wednesday, or the Stations of the Cross. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Veterans Day, acquire a deeper meaning when observed in Church. Students also unite in prayer as they begin a new school year or say goodbye on the last day.

By individual grades: Throughout the year, individual grades participate in special liturgies, parish morning mass, and prayer services. As students grow, so too does their expression of faith. Kindergarten through third grade children acknowledge Jesus’ birthday in a joyful prayer service while fourth through eighth grade students appreciate the solemn Advent Prayer Service in anticipation of Christmas. Integral to the religion curriculum, prayer services often carry a theme relevant to classroom study. Fourth graders celebrate a “We Believe” Prayer Service, fifth graders participate in a “Signs and Symbols” Prayer Service and sixth graders gather for an Old Testament Prayer Service. In every grade, OLPH provides children with opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate God’s presence in their daily lives.
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