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Expectations of Roundball Student-Athletes

The Jr. High Roundball Tournament is open to all students of good academic and behavioral standing in sixth through eighth grades. The intramural program provides students who have limited time, interest, and/or ability with an opportunity to experience the fun and challenge of competing on a school sports team. Parents must sign a permission slip indicating that their student is willing and able to play on a Roundball team. Additionally, students who participate in the Jr. High Roundball Tournament must comply with the following standards:

: Each student is responsible for his/her schoolwork and academic achievements while participating in the Roundball Tournament. He/she is expected to maintain a good academic record in school.

Conduct: Each student is expected to maintain a good behavior record in school. If a student incurs a homework, behavior or uniform detention, it takes precedence over Roundball team practices and games. Appropriate demeanor is also required during practices, games, and off school grounds.

Attendance: Every student is expected to attend at least a half-day of classes when a Roundball practice or game is held on a school day. Absence from school mandates absence from participation in Roundball that day. Additionally, students are expected to attend practices in order to participate in the games.
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