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Rules and Playing Time

  1. All games must begin according to schedule. There will be a 5-minute forfeit time on all games.
  2. The games will be four quarters long, each quarter being 6-minutes in length.
  3. All games will be played with a “game” clock.
  4. In case of a tie, one 2-minute overtime will be played. If a second overtime is needed, a 1-minute overtime will be played. If the game is still tied, additional 1-minute overtimes will be played until a winner is determined. “Game clock will be used for all overtime play. Each team will be allowed one time-out per overtime period.
  5. Each team will be allowed four time-outs per game. However, only two time-outs may be taken in any one quarter. (Time-outs will be 45 seconds long.)
  6. The 1 and 1 Bonus free throw rule will become effective on the seventh team foul in each half. After 10 team fouls, the “Super Bonus” is in effect, which means two free throws will be shot with each subsequent foul.
  7. Breaks are 1 minute between quarters and 3 minutes at half-time.
  8. Good conduct and sportsmanship are a must. Any behavior contrary to such may result in a coach being ejected from the game. 
  9. Participation by all players on the roster is essential to the success of the tournament. Therefore, all players should play in equal amounts of time, if possible. However, all players MUST play 6 minutes in each half, and …each player MUST sit out 3 minutes of each half. Any disputes regarding the implementation of this rule will be resolved by the coaches, and if unable to be resolved by the coaches, will be decided by the Scorer’s Table. Note: If a team only has six players available to play, the “best player” on the team (as decided by the opposing coaches) must sit out 3 minutes in each half.
  10. Referees will call an official time-out at approximately the 3 minutes point of each quarter to allow for substitutions.
  11. There will be no pressing allowed in the first three quarters. Teams behind in the fourth quarter may press in the last 3 minutes of the game.
  12. Referees may overlook certain violations: e.g., traveling, 3-second calls, double dribbles, etc… by younger players, at the referees’ discretion.
  13. In all games, the Alternating Jump-Ball rule will be in effect.
  14. All basketballs will be provided. Players should not bring their own basketballs to tournament games.
  15. Coaches are to follow IHSA rules, which state they must sit in their chairs. A coach may stand up to call out instructions in front of his chair. Roaming the sidelines, which is not permitted, will result in a warning, followed by a technical foul(s).
  16. Players are not allowed to wear any face paint or jewelry. This includes sweatbands.
  17. No substitutions are permitted during the course of the game except for: 3-minute substitutions, injury, or a player’s 5th foul. However, if a player has 3 or more fouls in the first half, they may be substituted for by a player of lesser ability.
  18. If a coach or player receives a technical foul they will not be allowed to participate in the next game.
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